About Us

Image of blush colour silk

Elizabeth V is a small privately owned South Australian company that specialises in high quality pieces for day, afternoon and evening wear, and was founded by Helen Heithersay in 2011. 

In the three years leading up to the launch of the first collection of garments in 2011, all designs, patterns and finishes were rigorously tested, and samples washed and rewashed before proceeding with production. The same rigorous development process is carried out on each new style and the range is continuously reviewed with a commitment to achieving perfection.

Sue, who purchased Elizabeth V in 2018, is the heart and soul of Elizabeth V. She is the design co-ordinator and works closely with those who are involved in the production of the EV range. Committed to local manufacture, Sue has the utmost respect for the skills and dedication of the people with whom she collaborates to ensure production of the highest quality garments. Sue was greatly influenced by her grandmother Maisie, who designed gowns for Adelaide’s prominent citizens – a fashion designer in her own right!