Image of Elizabeth V silk satin gown

Our silk garments are made from the finest 100% silk satin.

While there may be a slight variation between batches of silk, every effort is made to purchase our silk in consistent colours. Each finished garment has been made from the same batch of fabric.

Although all care has been take to reproduce the colour of our fabris, it is not possible to be able to predict how customers see those colours on their computer monitors or digital devices due to the limitations of technology.

With these limitations in mind, our colour range is:

Image of black colour silk


Image of blush colour silk


Image of cream colour silk


Image of dark navy silk satin swatch

Dark Navy

Image of latte silk satin swatch


Image of nil green silk satin swatch

Nil Green

Image of orchid silk satin swatch


Image of pearl silk satin swatch


Image of silver silk satin swatch