Why Buy From Us?

Image of Elizabeth V silk satin gown

Here at Elizabeth V, our vision is that when wearing our garments you will undergo a transformative experience. Our silk satin garments are luxurious, unbelievably soft against the skin, soothing and caressing. Wearing our garments is all about a state of mind; it’s about living to the fullest; it’s about the simple pleasures of life; and most importantly, it’s about feeling good about yourself.  An Elizabeth V garment is your reward and you deserve it!

Why purchase an Elizabeth V garment?

There are a number of very good reasons:

  • High quality fabrics of 100% natural fibres
  • High production standards
  • Proudly South Australian
  • Excellent customer service
  • Customer choice
High quality fabrics

We use 100% natural fibres in the manufacture of our fabrics: 19 momme silk satin. All fabrics have been sourced from suppliers who abide by the highest European standards. All of our fabrics are hand washable and long lasting. In contrast to synthetic fibres, such as nylon or polyester, natural fibres, including silks, are breathable – cool in summer and warm in winter.

High production standards

Elizabeth V garments are designed to last for years, not just one season. They are meant to be a treasured item in a woman’s wardrobe and to this end, we ensure that all aspects of production attain the highest standards. All Elizabeth V garments have:

  • French seams
  • Generous sizing and use of fabrics
  • Nightdresses – all bias cut and with rolled hems
  • Shirts – flattering cut with self piped collars and cuffs, mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Pyjamas – pockets in side seams, waists with flat front and elastic back
Image of 2.5cm hem

2.5 cm hems

Image of french seams

French seams

Image of pearl buttons

Pearl buttons

Image of self-piping


We believe that in slowing down production, in taking the time to perfect each garment, by ensuring that our production line maintains its high standards, we are slowing down consumerism. A purchase or a gift of an Elizabeth V item will mean so much more when it is understood that the pleasure of wearing such a tactile soft and caressing garment will be enjoyed for many years.

Proudly South Australian

While our fabrics are purchased from overseas, all design and manufacture of our garments occur in Adelaide. We proudly support local manufacturers and invest considerable time and effort in ensuring that our relationship with workshops is based on mutual respect and achievement. By supporting local workrooms, we believe too that we are contributing to skills being maintained and kept alive for the next generation.

Excellent customer service

We, at Elizabeth V, believe in excellence in customer service. On that basis we offer a generous return policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we are happy to exchange or refund your money within 10 days of purchase (see our Returns page for complete requirements).

Customer choice

Here at Elizabeth V, we believe that each woman is an individual, unique in size, shape and preferences. It is all about choice. 

We provide the ability to purchase pyjamas as individual pieces, regardless of colour and size. We also offer a bespoke service – to order a particular style with specific measurements (please allow four (4) weeks for production). If what you want does not appear to be an option on our website, you are most welcome to contact us either by phone or email.
Most of our garments are available in the classic colours of black, dark navy, cream, blush and silver (see our Colours page). Other more specialised colours are available in selected styles and upon request.

How you wear our garments is up to you. The philosophy behind the EV range is that our garments are not just limited to the bedroom. Our range is great for wearing all day at home or out and about. Wear our PJs or the Alice Robe as chic evening wear. Take our pyjamas/robes on holiday or when staying with friends or family. Or, after a hard day at work, pamper yourself by slipping into a luxurious nightgown or pyjamas. Please yourself: the possibilities are endless.